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The Bo McCarthy Story



 "My name is Bo McCarthy. I started my working life doing insulation and tile jobs while I was in school. I found that I liked making my own schedule and being outdoors. As a result, I became an independent (or freelance) craftsman.

"I worked many finish trades, including 5 years as a certified tile installer. After this period, I became a finish carpenter and completed many, many projects.

"Around this time, I was offered a $5,000 job to finish the front of an upscale restaurant, which included hanging a door. I had never installed a door before. After a very intense effort, I completed the front and the back door, including hardware. I found that I had a natural talent for working with doors.

"I started The Door Man business in 1985 by placing a small ad in the paper. I have now installed more than 4,000 doors and have never looked back.

"During my life as a craftsman, I have developed a real devotion to quality work. Yes, it makes the customer happy and yes, it makes it easier to get paid. But, most important to me, it makes for a peaceful life. I have very, very few call backs, and those I do get are very minor.

"In summary, I have vast experience with residential door installation. It is a natural talent that I have been given. 4,000+ correct, quality jobs do not lie. Read my letters of recommendation and you will see why The Door Man should be your only choice for door-related home improvement."
—Bo McCarthy